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UBU Won Top 100 in ASEAN in Green University for Sustainable Development by UI Greenmetric World University 2021

Patcharin Jongjai     2022/01/12 ,     ( 566 views)  

On December 28, 2021, the Physical and Environmental Management Office held a meeting at the Srimuangmai Room, Office of the President, to report the results of the UI Greenmetric World University 2021 rankings. For the fiscal year 2021, UBU ranked 4th in the Northeast, 24th in Thailand, 85th in ASEAN, and 381st in the world as a “Green University for Sustainable Development”. This is evidence that the university has continued to proceed according to the UBU mission statement to be “A Public University for the People” and conforms to the UBU vision “To be a leading university in ASEAN, fostering a higher quality of life, development, and innovation”.  
English version by: Kanjana Manomai
Original (Thai) version by: Therdphoom Thongin
English revised by: James K. Powell II
Photos by: Therdphoom Thongin