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UBU Application for Brain Activation Granted a Petty Patent

Patcharin Jongjai     2021/07/10 ,     ( 506 views)  

A UBU Lecturer invented a brain activator to protect elders from Alzheimer’s disease which was granted a petty patent by the Department of Intellectual Property. Assistant Professor Sawitree Singhat, Faculty of Nursing and Assistant Professor Dr. Atipong Suriya, Faculty of Engineering, created the application. It can be used to enhance memory and protect or slow down Alzheimer’s for the elderly and includes learning instruments for nursing classes. 
Assistant Professor Sawitree Singhat noted that this application was different from other brain activators due to several outstanding features: memory enhancement, innovative tools, and skills practice for the five senses. In addition, Dr. Kriangsak Treeprapan, Vice Director of the Office of Computer and Networking, remarked that a game called “Forget Me Not” was developed for and provided in the application, comprised of the following: 1) picture matching, 2) picture error identification, 3) colored letters, 4) numbers plus, 5) a jigsaw puzzle used to stimulate the brain. These applications do not require an internet connection. This invention is further evidence of UBU success in innovation and conforms to the UBU vision “To be a leading university in ASEAN, fostering a higher quality of life, development, and innovation” and is a source of pride on the occasion of UBU’s 31st anniversary.
English version by: Kanjana Manomai
Original (Thai) version by: Plern Wichaiwong
English revised by: James K. Powell II
Photos by: Plern Wichaiwong

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