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UBU Serves the Thailand 4.0 model

Patcharin Jongjai     2018/12/21 ,     ( 532 views)  

On 21 November 2018, the Faculty of Science at UBU organized a workshop titled E-Portfolio for TCAS System by Using an Application on a Smartphone at Ban Phoklang School, Phiboonmangsahan, Ubon Ratchathani, which is located in one of UBU’s academic service areas.

The workshop was led by Dr.Sompong Valuvanathorn, Dr. Piyanan  Panakarn  and Mr. Tawatchai Salangsingha, lecturers from the Department of Information Technology at the Faculty of Science, UBU. The participants consisted of teachers and senior high school students from Ban Phoklang School. The workshop aimed to enable the teachers and students to create their own E-Portfolio by using an application on a smartphone. E-Portfolio is ultimately used to collect students’ work such as texts and pictures in an electronic form. This can not only help students be more organized, but also help teachers in viewing their students’ work more simply. Having their work collected electronically on an app is proved easy to use and can be maintained at a low cost. It also teaches students to be more accountable by allowing them to keep track of their own work performance and achievements. Furthermore, the students can continue to use the app to submit applications into the Thai University Center Admission System (TCAS). This can help students transition more easily into applying to higher education institutions and can be more technologically savvy in the process. Not only that, they can also use it to apply to various jobs in their futures. Consequently, the E-Portfolio can open up many channels for many teachers and students at Ban Phoklang School as well as many other Thai communities.

The E-Portfolio workshop is just one of the several academic service activities organized by UBU.  To sum up, the Faculty of Science in particular plays an integral role in promoting and enhancing people’s technology skills that will lead to and uphold the rigorous Thailand 4.0 model.