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UBU participated in The 15th Annual Thai-Lao Project

Patcharin Jongjai     2018/12/18 ,     ( 649 views)  

7 Staff members and 12 students fromUBU participated in The 15thAnnual Thai-Lao Project at Phayao University, Phayao Province, Northern Thailand from 15-18 November 2018. There were a total of 15 universities: 10 from Thailand and 5 from Laos. The objectives of the project are to exchange culture, local wisdom, and academics while also strengthening the ASEAN community as a whole. There were more than 500 Thai and Lao students engaging invarious activities together including academic conferencesabout cultural issues, going on cultural excursions, planting, and seeing and presenting cultural performances. 


Mr. Songpon Intasian, Vice-President for Student Development, who ledas the leader of UBU delegations, revealed that the Thai-Lao Project allowed Thai and Lao students to meet and exchange ideas, points of views and culture though the participation of these various activities. The activities promotedfurther understanding among Thai and Lao students. In fact, Thailand and Laos are not strangers but are more commonly viewed as relatives. These two countries have similar cultures. However, there are minimal differences depending on the area of living. Therefore, meeting and exchanging culture isan important way to understand each other more, learn more about the differences and similarities of one’s country, and to ensure a long-term relationship. The most impressive output found from the Thai-Lao project were the unity and the sustainability of the relationships among the participating universities.