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UBU Delivered a Formic Acid Automatic Mixer to Kantrom Rubber Farmers

Patcharin Jongjai     2019/01/29 ,     ( 521 views)  

On 29 January 2019, Assistant Professor Dr. Charida Pukahuta, the Dean of the Faculty of Science at UBU, delivered a Formic Acid Mixer to Rubber Farmersin Kantrom sub-district, Khunhan, Sisaket Province. The Formic Acid Automatic Mixer was a Science Students’ Project that won the first runner-up prize from GSB Startup University Model Competition, whichwas held in Bangkok during 16 to 17 November 2018. Then, its prototype was developed and created to be a real practical machine. The mixer aimed to help farmers reduce their production costs in the rubber industry and to be able to create Formic Acid by themselves. Moreover, the mixer can reduce many risks of their health from the use of Sulfuric Acid by using Formic Acid instead. The Sulfuric Acid causes irritation on their skin while the Formic Acid has less effect on the skin.

Mr. Anupong Rathiroom, a lecturer and the supervisor of this project revealed that the mixer delivered to Kantrom Rubber Farmers was the second mixer. The first mixer was given to Rubber Farmers in Phupamok sub-district, Kantharaluk, Sisaket Province in August 2018. This second mixer was an updated version with a production capacity that was improved to reduce its production costs more. 

Ultimately, UBU will continue the development of the mixer and other projects that will promote life quality of people in communities as UBU has placed itself as a leading research university for our neighboring communities.