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UBU Raised Awareness on Democracy

Patcharin Jongjai     2019/03/12 ,     ( 394 views)  

On 12 March 2019, the Faculty of Political Science at UBU organized a simulation for the general election to 105 primary school students at Bannondang School, Warin Chamrap, Ubon Ratchathani. The aims of the event were to raise their awareness on their rights and roles in a democracy, to provide knowledge about the democratic form of the government with the King as head of state, and to brighten up the election atmosphere for the upcoming general election on 24 March 2019. Throughout the activity, the students had a chance to perform role-plays as the Election Commission of Thailand, candidates, and voters. For those students who role-played as candidates, they had to present their policy to the voters. The students enjoyed the activity very much and understood more about democracy. Normally, many people believe that young children have nothing to do with democracy, only those over 18 years old. That is true in terms of a general or formal election since the eligibility requires voters to be 18 years of age and above. However, people are born with exposure to acts of democracy.It first starts while living with their families. Therefore, the activity is applicable to their everyday lives as they continue to live with other people within society. By participating in this activity, they will have the necessary tools and understanding to make decisions when a consensus is needed to be made.

Ultimately, the organizer believes that the activity would help children be more aware of their rights within a democratic society and understand more about democracy.  This awareness and knowledge will help the development of the country in the future.