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UBU students won first place at the SYNNEX Gaming & E-sport PUBG Tournament 2019

Patcharin Jongjai     2019/03/20 ,     ( 426 views)  

The SYNNEX Gaming & E-sport PUBG Tournament 2019 was open for Thai undergraduate students who were interested in E-sports. Students were to form teams to showcase their gaming skills during the tournament.

Ultimately, a team from UBU called UBU GuayJub won first place and received a 100,000 baht reward. UBU GuayJub consisted of 4 students from 4 completely different fields of study. However, they had one common interest that connected them to enter this tournament together: their love for playing online games. Although they were able to connect via this interest, their demonstration of teamwork, creative and critical thinking skills, problem solving, focus and drive proved that online gaming was more than just entertainment. It consisted of a lot of hard work and skills to work with one another collaboratively.

The UBU GuayJub team consisted of

  1. Mr. Netiwat Khunkeaw          3rd year Political Sciences Student
  2. Mr. Natawut Ampharat          3rd year Management Science Student
  3. Mr. Napinthorn Manthangkul 3rd year Agriculture Student
  4. Mr. Thongchai Saithanu          1st year Science Student

The tournament was claimed to be the biggest gaming and E-sport competition in Thailand. There were a total of 270 teams from different universities in Thailand. The final round was held at Chiang Mai University on 20 March 2019. UBU is so proud of the students for their accomplishments and for helping represent the university. Congratulations, UBU GuayJub team!