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UBU Pharmaceutical Sciences Students Received the Best Scores from the Objective Structured Pharmaceutical Examination (OSPE) at the Pharmacy Licensure Examination

Patcharin Jongjai     //- ,     ( 436 views)  

Ms. Siriporn Sriniltae and Ms. Supatcha Incomenoy, 6th year students from the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at UBU, attained the best scores from the Objective Structured Pharmaceutical Examination (OSPE) with the full scores of 100%.

OSPE is a part of the Pharmacy Licensure Examination organized by the Pharmacy Council of Thailand. The examination consists of multiple choice questions (MCG) called PLL-CC1 (Pharmacy Licensure Examination Core Competency 1) and OSPE called PLL-CC2 (Pharmacy Licensure Examination Core Competency 1).

For this year, there were 96 Pharmaceutical Sciences students from UBU (the 20th batch of the Faculty) who took the examination. The average score of the MCG and OSPE sections by UBU students was 92.76 percent. Within this percentage, there were two students who received full scores of 100% for the OSPE part. Overall, 98.95% of the students passed the exam. Ultimately, these test results reflects the high performance and competency of the faculty and the curriculum that is pushing the Faculty to be within the top rankings amongst 19 pharmacy schools in Thailand.

For those who have passed the exam, they are eligible to apply for a Pharmacy License from the Pharmacy Council of Thailand.

Dr. Saksit Sripa, the Dean, delivered a speech congratulating all students.  This year was the first time where students from the faculty scored the highest scores in the country with 100%. Last year, Mr. Pikrom Asokbunyarat, a graduate from the Faculty, received the best score in the country with the score of 99%.  

Ms. Siriporn Sriniltae, one of the top scorers who will be receiving a first honor degree from UBU, declared that she is proud to be a family member of the UBU Pharmaceutical Science graduates. The examination she has undertaken is typically used as a significant tool to assess the potential and knowledge of all pharmacy students who are about to graduate. After taking the test, students can continue to work as real pharmacists in the future. When she first found out about her exam result, she was extremely excited and happy, especially since the result came out to be more than she initially expected. She revealed that the ways to her success were to be hard working, to have self-commitment, time management skills, and responsibility. She spent her time reviewing what she learned from class and continuously deliberated the information with her friends. She also thanked her lecturers for their hard work in sharing their wealth of knowledge to students via both theoretical and practical instruction.

Another top scorer, Ms. Supatcha Incomenoy, who will be graduating with the 2nd class honor, stated that she is very proud to graduate from the faculty. She has learned a lot through the past six years from both the university and other organizations through an internship program. The faculty has filled her with an abundant amount of knowledge about drugs and health products, from the production of it to the application of it to patients.The faculty provided intensive instruction and extracurricular activities that enhanced students’ potentials and cautiousness. These aspects helped createdrive, dedication, and discipline among UBU Pharmaceutical Sciences students. When she looks back to the day that she decided to study at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at UBU, she is happy with her decision.