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College of Medicine and Public Health Encourages Communities to Deal with the Aging Society

Patcharin Jongjai     2019/06/25 ,     ( 465 views)  

On 25 June 2019, the College of Medicine and Public Health, UBU organized the Aging Society Preparation Project funded by the Thailand Research Fund. The activity was opened by Mr. Thanakom Khongpien, Sheriff of Warin Chamrap District. The project was co-organized by the Nonnon Sub-district Administrative Organization, Nanonnoi Health Promotion Hospital, and community leaders in Nonnon sub-district, Warin Chamrap, Ubon Ratchathani Province. The aims of the project were to help communities prepare for the Aging Societyin terms of health, living environment, economy, and attitudes of the people in the community. To promote understanding of the topic among the people, effective activities were carried out to share knowledge and raise awareness within the communities. To sustain long term development of these objectives, participation from the people in the communities is a key factor to its success.

Dr. Nirun Phitakwatchara, MD, Dean of College of Medicine and Public Health, revealed that this project presented successful cooperation between the Warin Chamrap District Public Health Office and its partners. People in the Nonnon community proudly provided positive feedback and responses about the project as well.

Presently, the population in Nonnon District is approximately around 7 thousand people. Interestingly, 17.08 % of the population is made up of elderly citizens. Once this category rises to 20%, the district will officially be considered as part of the Aging Society. Therefore, the community was intentionally selected by the College of Medicine and Public Health to participate in this project as it related to the Aging Society.

The activities on this day involved the opening of the community’s seedling nursery center, giving flower plants to the community, organizing for the Big Cleaning Day, and providing knowledge about the Aging Society to people.

It’s been a global phenomenon where many countries are experiencing an increasingly aging population and are becoming a part of the Aging Society. The rise in the number of elderly citizens affects many people’s way of life and governmental policies. In order to prepare sufficient facilities to support the elderly and to promote the quality of their lives, communities and governments should work together. UBU sees the importance of elderly citizens and has a strong will to continuously improve their lives. The focus will be on their health, economy, society, and a safe living environment. Moreover, UBU will provide sufficient knowledge to promote awareness and help create positive attitudes toward taking care of senior citizens as they are invaluable assets to the community.