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The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences Celebrated Its 25th Anniversary

Patcharin Jongjai     2019/06/27 ,     ( 412 views)  

On 27 June 2019, the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences organized the 25th anniversary celebration event. The activities at the event consisted of a Buddhist ceremony and an academic activity. The faculty invited 9 monks to ritualize the Buddhist ceremony while allowing the faculty members and students to make merit by listening to sermons and offering food to the monks. On this special occasion, Assistant Professor Dr. Chutinun Prasitpuriprecha, the President and the former dean of the faculty, presided the ceremony. Afterward, the seminar titled The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences: Past, Present and Future was held. The topic was moderated by Dr. Saksit Sripa, Dean of Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Furthermore, Associate Professor Dr. Bangorn Sripanidkulchai, the founding dean of the faculty, was a keynote speaker of the seminar along with some of the faculty’s alumniwho are current lecturers and representatives for current students. Experiences from working and studying at the faculty, including good memories and impressions from their times at the faculty, were shared to the participants in a warm and friendly manner as if they were one loving family. 

Dr. Saksit Sripa revealed that the faculty at UBU was established in 1992 as the established Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Then, in 1994, the faculty was officially approved to be the 8th government Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences in Thailand.  The faculty’s objectives are to produce qualified pharmacists to serve the demand of private and government health sectors where there is a shortage of pharmacists especially in the northeast region of Thailand, to conduct more research in pharmaceutical and medical areas that will be presented to the public, and to solve communities’ health problems and promote the heath qualitiesof the communities and the country as a whole by conducting more research related to the development of  pharmaceutical technology, Pharmacognosy, and herbs. With these research, the country will be able to sustain and strengthen its self-reliance in terms of pharmacy within the country. Moreover, the faculty aims to provide academic services to the communities by organizing workshops and seminars. Besides, the faculty has a strong will to preserve the Thai pharmaceutical culture and Thai traditional pharmacopoeia.

Presently, the faculty offers programs for bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees. The bachelor’s degree program titled Doctor of Pharmacy Program is a six-year program consisting of two majors (Pharmaceutical Care and Industrial Pharmacy). The master’s degree program offers two programs (Clinical Pharmacy and Health Service) which are instructed on Saturday and Sunday. However, there are three programs available for Monday-Friday instruction. These programs are Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Natural Products, Biopharmaceutical Sciences, and Cosmetic Sciences and Health Products. Furthermore, the faculty offers one doctoral degree titled, Doctor of Philosophy (Pharmaceutical Sciences).  

UBU congratulates the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Scienceson its 25th anniversary. UBU sends its blessings to the faculty as they have stepped into the 25th yearremarkably and diligently while continuously producing an abundant amount of qualified pharmacists to serve the country.