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UBU students improved landscape in UBU to welcome the freshmen.

Patcharin Jongjai     2019/06/18 ,     ( 317 views)  

On 17 – 18 June 2019, Ms. Charuayporn Santhaweesuk, Vice President for Student Development and Alumni Relations, led about 100 student volunteers to clean the streets and repaint the footpathsand crosswalks at Gate 1, Gate 2, and various landscapes around the Office of the President Building. The main aims of the event were to prepare for and provide more beautiful landscape for the coming freshmen. However, by repainting over the traffic signs at the footpaths or crosswalk, motor accidents may be prevented and even reduced for the entire community when driving around UBU.  This can prove to be a very safe and beneficial improvement for all who visit the university. Moreover, the activity essentially promoted a very important aspect to the students- a voluntary spirit and dignified unity through working together.

Ultimately, the activity dynamically expressed UBU current students’ enthusiasm, warmth, and gratefulness to welcome the freshmen into the UBU family.