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Ubon Bio Ethanol Public Company Limited donated 200 liters of alcohol to UBU

Patcharin Jongjai     2020/03/23 ,     ( 487 views)  

Currently, people from all around the world are dealing with the global pandemic of the Coronavirus or COVID-19 outbreak. It is unfortunate to state that it may remain for a long period of time as the number of infected persons are increasing, as well as the number of fatalities. However, during this time of world crisis, there have been some positive actions conducted by the people of the world that are well-worth mentioning; these people have presented the values of harmony, unity and cooperation.

For instance, although Ubon Bio Ethanol Public Company Limited typically produces ethanol as their business product, they decided to offer donations of ethanol to various government and public sectors to help prevent the spread of the virus. Ethanol is important as it is a solvent that can be used to create many alcohol-based cleaning products that can help sanitize many areas, and even people. Different organizations were invited to visit the company’s storefront to receive the company’s generous donations of ethanol.

With UBU significantly caring about the health of their community members, Assistant Professor Dr. Chutinun Prasitpuriprecha, President, and Associate Professor Dr. Chawalit Thinvongpituk, Vice President for Research, Innovations, and Academic Services, honorably visited Ubon Bio Ethanol Public Company Limited to receive 200 liters of ethanol on 23 March 2020. The ethanol was graciously brought back to the university and used to create cleaning products, as well as alcohol cleaning gels to be placed at various places around the university.

UBU expresses their deepest gratitude to Ubon Bio Ethanol Public Company Limited for helping support the university and greater Ubon community during these times of collaboration and compassion.  

Revised/translated/ by: Jarinda Boonjan

Original (Thai) version by: Therdphoom Thongin

English revised by: Thaviny Shaipitisiri

Photos by: Therdphoom Thongin