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The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at UBU organized the White Coat Presentation Ceremony for 4th year students

Patcharin Jongjai     2020/02/24 ,     ( 541 views)  

On 24 February 2020, the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at UBU organized the White Coat Presentation Ceremony for 4th year students. The ceremony was held at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences and was presided over by Dr. Saksit Sripa, Dean of Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Lecturers and staff members of the faculty participated in this honorable event. Remarkably, students’ parents, relatives and friends also joined the event. With this, the ceremony was filled with much happiness, love, and pride.

This traditional ceremony occurs every year. It aims to raise 4th year students’ awareness on their professional ethics, disciplines, and responsibilities to society before they embark on their professional practices (real-worldpharmaceutical experiences). It also aimed to recognize some outstanding students. Three 4th year students notably received awards from the faculty: Mr. Kawasin Kaewunruan (for providing helpful academic assistance to his classmates), Mr. Natchanon Sukhaporame (for having volunteer spirit and sacrificing his personal benefit for the common good) and Mr. Warakorn Wongkhan (for maintaining good behavior and morality).

At the event, Dr. Saksit Sripa congratulated allof the 4th year students on completing the necessary steps thus far to reach the pre-clinical level. He stated that embarking on the professional practice phase is a significant step for them in the pharmaceutical industry. Students will gain first-hand knowledge and experiences from their various workplaces. They will learn how to work in anew environment, live in a new community and assist patients in unfamiliar contexts and conditions. They will also meet and collaborate with people from various occupations ranging from pharmacists, doctors, nurses, patients and the general public.Before starting their journeys, he shared that students should be well-aware and equipped with the necessary professional knowledge, mannerisms and teamwork skills to join the pharmaceutical workforce. They should be prepared to work hard with an open mind and are willing to continually learn and improve. Additionally, they should have a work plan with their specified roles and responsibilities to effectively complete their professional practices. Having this will allow them to successfully reach their goals and become quality pharmacists.

In the past, UBU Pharmacy students have received exceptional compliments from their previous training locations and supervisors. It has been stated that UBU students have excellent knowledge and are very diligent, attentive and polite. UBU is proud to have these students representing the university all while becoming quality graduates of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

UBU congratulates all students on receiving their white coats and hopes that all students gain valuable knowledge from their experiences, continue to study hard and become valuable assets to the field of pharmaceutical sciences.

Revised and translated by: Jarinda Boonjan

Original (Thai) version by: Tippawan Valuvanathorn

English revised by: Thaviny Shaipitisiri

Photos by: Tippawan Valuvanathorn