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UBU Student Union organized a local traditional festival titled “Boon Phra Wet”

Patcharin Jongjai     2020/02/01 ,     ( 496 views)  

On 1 February 2020, the Ubon Ratchathani University Student Union organized a local traditional festival titled Boon Pha Wet at UBU. The eventwas presided over by Assistant Professor Dr. Chutinun Prasitpuriprecha, President of UBU.Ms. Charuayporn Santhaweesuk, Vice President for Student Development and Alumni Relations led a total of 1,000 UBU staff members and students to attend the event.

This festival was organized to commemorate Jataka, the life story of Lord Buddha as Prince Vestsantara. The activity began with the invitation ceremony of Phra Upakut, a powerful supernatural monk who could protect people from evil spirits. The invitation ceremony was performed by Mr. Tawan Boonsong, head of the project.  Afterward, a role play of Vessantara’s story was performed. The role play began with a happy welcoming parade for the return of Prince Vessantara or Phra Wetsandon to the palace. The role play ended with making merit and Phra Wet chants.

The invitation ceremony of Phra Wetsandonwas took place at the 70-rai pond. Additionally, there was a parade that started from the 70-rai pond and ended at the His Majesty’s 7th Cycle Birthday Anniversary Commemorating Building at UBU. UBU students performed folk dances and held a long banner that displayed the story of Vessantara.

On this special occasion, Assistant Professor Dr. Chutinun Prasitpuriprecha led participants in the parade, made merit with them and listened to Phra Wet chants together. A total of 64,921.75 baht was collected from donators. The money will be used to support the UBU hospital and various students’ activities. A portion of the donations will also be used as scholarships for UBU students.

Boon Phra Wet is one out of 12 traditional events in Isan culture. The event is conducted in the 4th month of the lunar calendar year. In Isan culture, each month has its own traditional event. The 12 events are related to the Buddhist principles, beliefs and livelihoods of agriculture in which northeastern people have abided by from the past to the present.

This was the first time UBU organized the Boon Phra Wet Festival on campus. However, UBU will continue to organize more traditional events focusing on the preservation of arts, culture and local wisdomas it is one of the main missions of UBU.

UBU proudly thanks all participants for their great support and making this event a great success. UBU is enthusiastically looking forward to welcoming everyone to join further events.

Translated/revised by: Jarinda Boonjan

Original (Thai) version by: Plern Wichaiwong/

English revised by: Thaviny Shaipitisiri

Photos by: Plern Wichaiwong