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UBU Staff Members Received Outstanding Civil Servant Awards

Patcharin Jongjai     2020/04/21 ,     ( 360 views)  

UBU proudly announced that Associate Professor Dr. Kulachate Pianthong, Lecturer from the Faculty of Engineering and Mrs. Kornchanok Kaenkham, Scientist-Senior Professionallevel from the Faculty of Pharmaceutical were selected to receive their 2019 Outstanding Civil Servant Awards at the 2020 Thai Civil Servants’ Day ceremony which takes place every first of April.  As part of their awards, they bothwere given an honorable shield and pin.Normally, the award presentation ceremony would have taken place at the Government House of Thailand, however, the ceremony was canceled due to the pandemic of the Coronavirus or COVID-19.

Nonetheless, the awards were divided into two categories: academic and supporting staff in specific expertise/professional field.

Associate Professor Dr. Kulachate Pianthong received an award in the academic category. He has been working at UBU since 27 October 1994 making it 25 years and 5 months of his employment and dedication to the university. His outstanding research/projects/awards include the following:

  1. Shock wave textbook, the first textbook for shock wave written in Thai language
  2. Journal publications
  3. Thailand Energy Awards 2019 
  4. Outstanding Award from the Faculty of Engineering in 2008
  5. Outstanding Researcher Award at the 2nd UBU Research and Innovation Conference
  6. Outstanding Award on supporter of energy conservation and renewable energy
  7. Outstanding ResearcherAward at the university level with the most published works in international journals in 2012at the 6th UBU Research and Innovation Conference
  8. Outstanding Researcher Award at the university level for invention / innovation research (biomass gasification system for ceramic industry) at the 7th  UBU Research and Innovation Conference
  9. Bronze Award at the National Research Expo 2004
  10. Outstanding Award in Renewable Energy Project titled High efficiency biomass boiler using sawdust for SME

Mrs. Kornchanok Kaenkham received an award in the specific expertise/professional field. She has been working at UBU since 19 June 1995 making it 24 years and 10 months of her employment and dedication to the university. Her outstanding research/projects/awards include the following:

  1. The development of biosecurity in a microbiological laboratory at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, UBU by creating an operations manual for the microbiology pharmaceutical laboratory. The manual is a guideline that focuses on the maximum safety for those who work in the laboratory.
  2. Outstanding Award from theFaculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences categorized in   specific/professional categories in 2011, 2012, 2015 and 2019.
  3. Honorable MentionAward for the Oral Presentation on Stability and storage conditions of Tetramethyl-p- Phenylenediamine Dihydrochoride for Identification Pseudomonasaeruginosa at the 2015 Meeting for Thailand's Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences Administrative Staff Network.
  4. Research Fund for Ph.D. level under the Junior Researcher Development Plan by the Thailand Research Fundin 2018

UBU congratulates Associate Professor Dr. Kulachate Pianthong and Mrs. Kornchanok Kaenkham on being selected to receive these honorable awards. Their accomplishments vividly reflects their hard work and contributions intheir fields resulting in further sustainable development for the university and Thailand.


Revised and translated by: Jarinda Boonjan

Original (Thai) version by: Plern Wichaiwong

English revised by: Thaviny Shaipitisiri

Photos by: Plern Wichaiwong