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UBU Organized Grand Exhibition for Ubon Ratchathani Art, Culture and Wisdom “Moon Mang Meuang” Ubon Ratchathani Sriwanalai, on 30 Sep-4 Oct 2020

Patcharin Jongjai     2020/09/30 ,     ( 509 views)  

On 30 September 2020, Ubon Ratchathani university organized an exhibition of Ubon Ratchathani Art, Culture and Wisdom “Moon Mang Mueang” Ubon Ratchathani Sriwanalai, to support the conscious, awareness, and participating to preserve, restore, and continue folk wisdom and life including history and Ubon Ratchathani distinguished cultures on the first floor of Central Plaza, Ubon Ratchathani. This event was honorably inaugurated by Mr Sarit Witoon, provincial governor of Ubon Ratchathani and reported by Associate Professor Dr. Chawalit Thinvongpituk, Vice President for Research, Innovations, and Academic Services among the many people who participated in the event.
Associate Professor Dr. Chawalit Thinvongpituk declared that this even ran from the  29th of September 2020 to the 4th of October 2020. The exhibition provided a great deal of knowledge and information about how to preserve Ubon culture. This work was undertaken by UBU lecturers, researchers and staff who studied, surveyed, collected, analyzed, and synthesized the many artifacts. Presentations were provided in two categories: 1) Exhibition: pictures with captions, models of building architecture and videos. Researchers were available to disseminate further information to the visitors. 2) Stage activities: shows, talk shows for culture and wisdom, a singing contest, a drawing contest entitled: “Moon Mang Meuang”. Moreover, the award for graphic design contest titled “Sang Sin Tin Ubon” (Create Art of Ubon) was given in this event. 
Many institutions provided support and cooperation for the exhibition: Ubon Ratchathani Central Plaza, Ubon Ratchathani National Museum, and National Archives of Thailand, Ubon Ratchathani. This event was recognized as a positive contribution for the people of Ubon Ratchathani to raise awareness, preserve, restore, and maintain folk wisdom as part of the on-going commitment that UBU remain “A Public University for the People.”
English version by: Kanjana Manomai
Original (Thai) version by: Plern Wichaiwong
English revised by: James K. Powell II
Photos by: Plern Wichaiwong

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