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Grading system

According to the Regulations of Ubon Ratchathani University 2022, the meanings and grade points for evaluations are as follows:

                        Grade                 Grade point                       Meaning

                        A                                 4.0                               Excellent

                        B+                               3.5                               Very good

                        B                                 3.0                               Good

                        C+                               2.5                               Above average

                        C                                 2.0                               Average

                        D+                               1.5                               Below average

                        D                                 1.0                               Poor

                        F                                  0                                  Fail

Some programs use symbols that have no grade point equivalent and the credits are not counted for the Grade Point Average (G.P.A.).                     

The symbols and meanings are as follows:

                       Symbol                                         Meaning

I                                               Incomplete

S                                             Satisfactory

U                                             Unsatisfactory

N                                             Grade not evaluated

W                                            Withdrawn

P                                              In progress

CS                                           Credits from standardized test

CE                                           Credits from exam

CT                                           Credits from training

CP                                           Credits from portfolio

CX                                           Credits from exemption

Au                                           Audit