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Japanese and Communication Student Awarded for Speech Contest

Patcharin Jongjai     2022/03/13 ,     ( 377 views)  

UBU congratulates Ms. Sirinya Janthaya, a third-year student from the Japanese and Communication Program at the Faculty of Liberal Arts, for her second-place finish at the 48th Japanese Speech Contest held March 13, 2022, at Thailand’s Japanese Embassy. The competition was sponsored in cooperation with the Japanese Embassy in Thailand, the Japan Foundation, the Japanese Alumni Association under Royal Patronage, the Japanese Chamber of Commerce, Bangkok, and the Japanese Association in Thailand. She noted that this contest provided her with a great opportunity to demonstrate her ability to speak Japanese, and thus demonstrate the results of her non-stop practice of vocabulary and grammar, providing yet another source of UBU pride.
English version by: Kanjana Manomai
Original (Thai) version by: Faculty of Liberal Arts
English revised by: James K. Powell II
Photos by: Faculty of Liberal Arts