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On 31 May 2019, Medical students from the College of Medicine and Public Health organized a ceremony to show respect and thank the cadavers

Patcharin Jongjai     2019/05/31 ,     ( 375 views)  

The cadavers or Ajarnyai in Thai always have always served as a major contribution to medical students as it helps them enhance their dissection skills and anatomy knowledge.  The event made space for students to apologize, to pay respect to, and to thank the bodies for being used in order to practice their medical skills. There were about 200 staff and students at the college who participated in the event. The cadavers were delivered and rotated around from hand to hand of each medical student. Afterwards, the cadavers were sent to Khon Kaen University for an official cremation ceremony.

Mrs. Ratana Leksomboon, a lecturer from Department of Anatomy, revealed that the event was specifically organized to allow the fourth year medical students who completed their studies on the cadavers to show their respect and apologize to the cadavers. Then, the cadavers were carefully delivered to the Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University for a royal-sponsored cremation. Before the event, UBU medical students cleaned the cadavers and wrapped the bodies in white shrouds. Then, the cadavers were worshipped respectfully.     

Ms. Chulalak Ut-Armart, a third year medical student who was the master of ceremony, expressed her honorable feelings for being a part of the ceremony. She was immensely proud to say prayers and a gratitude statement to the Ajarnyai.  She and all of her fellow medical classmates made a commitment to be attentive to their studies and to use the Ajarnyai’s bodies in the most effective manner. The Ajarnyai were claimed to be invaluable textbooks that provided unlimited amounts of knowledge. Medical students are extremely grateful for Ajarnyai’s contributions.

Ms. Chayapha Benjathavornanant, a second year medical student who participated in the event, said that she was very glad she was able to attend the event. For this semester, in addition to the fourth year students, all second year students were allowed to be a part of this memorable ceremony. It was stated that she could feel the weights of the bodies during the hand to hand delivery where some were heavy and some were light. All students delivered the bodies carefully while asking for permission to touch the bodies. She further explained that she and her classmates could feel great power from the bodies that empowered them to study harder and to be successful in their careers in the future.