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UBU raises awareness on laboratory waste management

Patcharin Jongjai     2019/06/27 ,     ( 419 views)  

On 27 June 2019, The Physical Systems and Environment Division, UBU organized a workshop titled Laboratory Waste Management. The workshop was opened by Assistant Professor Dr. Adun Janyalertadun, Vice President for Administration, and was held at the Srimuangmai Meeting Room at the Office of the President Building. The participants of the workshop were UBU researchers and staff who work at various laboratories at UBU. The keynote speakers of this workshop were Asst. Prof.Dr. Sudarat Homhual, lecturer from the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Mr. Keereewat Chantree, Scientist from the Faculty of Science. The participants were provided with knowledge on how to handle waste from laboratories, especially hazardous wastes.

Besides conducting rigorous classes, UBU also conducts many research projects in the laboratories for academic purposes. The laboratories not only serve UBU but it serves other government organizations, communities, and private companies for both academic and commercial purposes as well. Therefore, UBU produces a substantial amount of waste from laboratories each year. In regard to this, UBU is paying special attention to the practical management of laboratory wastes in order to prevent UBU and neighboring communities from the risk of chemical hazards, biohazards, dangerous substances, and diseases. Recently, laboratory waste management policies were newly set up and implemented while waste disposal procedures were debriefed to the researchers and staff to ensure they are informed of the most up to date safety measures.

The safety of people’s health is always one of the first priorities of UBU. To ensure the safety of the people living on campus and neighboring communities, UBU will continue to improve the waste management policies and raise awareness on the dangers of hazardous wastes from laboratories.