UBU Students participate in International Day 2017 
International Day gathered over 80 participants from over 15 countries to learn and practice English skills together
International Day aimed to encourage students to communicate using their basic English skills every day. The event provided participants with creative and fun games to learn and practice English skills together.
         On 4th February 2017 at Ubon Ratchathani University, the international Day was organized by the UBU International Relations Office. This event offered an opportunity for UBU students to learn and practice English in real situations through activities. Dr. Sirintip Boonmee, the Vice President for Personnel Administration and International Relations delivered a warm speech for the opening ceremony to welcome all the participants.
          Many participants came from around the world to join the event from countries such as Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Taiwan, Timor-Leste, Australia, Rwanda, South Sudan, Korea, Japan, Thailand, and more.  All of them would play and participant in four different, awesome activities. It included an Ice Breaking Activity (e.g., We say “Hello”, Double This, Double That, Papaya Salad, and Team Building), Thai Traditional Games (e.g., Banana Rib Hobbyhorse Riding, Land Boat Racing and Kabaddi,) a Walk Rally/Scavenger Hunt where participants walked around campus to play the game at many different stations, and an International Cooking Activity where students learned to make Thai food dishes (e.g., Fairy Bread, Fresh Spring Roll, Papaya and Fruit Salad.)  Moreover, there was the special performance from each country on the evening.
       Dr. Oranuch Puangsuk, assistant to the president for International Education said about the event,  “Now, learning English language of Thai students can learn in a several ways easily. You can learn with your professors, Thai friends, and international friends.  You also can learn English from English language tutor or even mass media such as songs, a series, movies, variety shows and news.  Moreover, the interaction with international people give opportunities and stimulate you to communicate English. Therefore, this event is a great starter for the development of your ideas and English skills.”
      Students also had many positive comments about their experience at International Day. “I feel very happy to join the International Day and Night 2017 because there are the plenty of fun and interesting games. I also have a chance to meet and make new friends from over 15 countries. In addition, I can exchange my culture and speak more English with the native speakers in the real situation. I can learn how to cooperate with different people as well. More specifically, I am responsible for being English MC in the event. These teach me how to understand and improve my English skills.  Being participant is definitely awesome experiences. I would like to thank staffs who organized wonderful activities. If there are the activities and events like this next time, I will invite my friends to join or they can be the other one who interested in participating activities. I believed that there will be always unexpected experiences and knowledge in each activity,” Mr. Anun Khayunkan, an applied art student said.
    Post by : Thanawoot Pakdeeya Ubon Ratchathani University (Eng) Office of the President
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