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Research in the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Ubon Ratchathani University is performed in four major areas:

1. Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmacognosy/Natural Products
This area focuses on the extraction and investigation of pharmacological activities of natural compounds that have potential for use as medicinal or nutraceutical agents. For example:
- Survey and collection of medicinal plants in Ubon Ratchathani province
- Development of potential herbs from local wisdom for estrogen replacement therapy in post-menopausal women
- Analysis of vitamins with antioxidant activities from local herbs by the use of HPLC
- Extraction and structure elucidation of flavonoid from Leguminosae
- Extraction and purification of isoflavone from soybeans
- Investigation of chemical and biological properties of fermented herbs of Ubon Ratchathani province
  2. Biopharmaceutical Sciences (Biotechnology, Pharmacology, Toxicology, Immunology, Microbiology, etc.)

Each year the faculty acquires new staff graduating from leading international universities who are interested in research in biotechnology.  Extensive research in this area also explores biological activities of natural compounds.  For example:
- Study of genetic factors on chronic hepatitis virus C disease
- Evaluation of CYP2C19 variant post percutaneous coronary intervention, acute coronary syndrome, patients receiving clopidogrel in
  Sappasitthiprasong Hospital, Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand               
- Neuroprotective and antiproliferative effects of hydroxychavicol extracted from Piper betel leaf on SK-N-SH human
  neuroblastoma cell line
- Study of anticancer activities of medicinal plant oils and health product development
- Study of antiviral properties from edible vegetables in North-Eastern Thailand
- Use of essential oil extracted from traditional plants for cancer prevention and inhibition
- Study of anti-growth and apoptosis activityiesof local herbs in Leguminosae
- Antimicrobial study of Curcuma cf.comosa Roxb.
- Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory study of Curcuma cf.comosa Roxb.
- Detection of carbapenemase and antibiotic-resistant genes in carbapenem-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii isolated from
  patients in Sappasitthiprasong Hospital
  3.    Pharmaceutical Products and Cosmetics
This area's research investigates the development of delivery systems for natural agents, drugs, cosmetics and antigens as well as the development of natural materials. For example;
- Development of skincare cosmetics containing soybean extract by nanotechnology
- Triphala loaded niosomes for hair growth promotion
- Study and development of medicinal plants and natural substances for hair growth promotion and hair loss prevention
- Development of health promotion tablets from medicinal plants
- Natural rubber polymer for new pharmaceutical products
- Development and evaluation of paclitaxel lipid emulsion for anticancer activity
- Development of finasteride nanoparticles for transfollicular delivery
- Development of andrographalide gel for antimicrobial property
- Extraction of kankrau for powder perfume
- Development and study of chemical stability and antimicrobial study of extracted soybeans in capsules

4.    Pharmacy professional and health care


Research in this area is conducted through the pharmaceutical care service. The research pharmacy professional and health care service area includes primary care, community pharmacy, home health care, health policy, and health promotion such as smoking cessation. For example;


- Development of prescribing decision support systems (PDSS) with electronic health records to prevent drug-related problems,
  support patient safety, and rational use of drugs
- The impacts of home care pharmacy service on asthmatic patients
- An investigation of insecticide usage among farmers in 3 high risk provinces in South-Eastern Thailand via Geographic
  Information System (GIS)
- Application of Geographic Information System (ArcGIS) for Aedes aegypti and hemorrhagic fever surveillance and control in
  high risk areas in North-East Thailand
- The development of a Geo-Informatics Database of farmers' decisions in risk areas of Ubon Ratchathani Province
- GIS –based surveillance to support DHF control in Thailand from 2009 to 2011
- Characterization of statin-associated myopathy case reports in Thailand using health product vigilance center database
- Standard times and methods for the estimation of the number of personnel required for an ambulatory care clinic, HIV/AIDS unit,
  Warinchumrab Hospital.
- Survey of Look Alike/Sound Alike (LASA) drugs available in hospitals in Thailand
- Evaluation of computer-assisted instruction in basic knowledge and pharmacotherapy for smoking cessation


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