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The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Ubon Ratchathani University (UBU), was founded by Royal Decree in 1994, becoming the eighth school of pharmacy in Thailand and the first health science school in UBU. At the inception, the remits of Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, UBU were:


To produce well-qualified pharmacy graduates in response to the demand for pharmacists in both public and private sectors, especially in the North-Eastern region.


To conduct research in areas of pharmacy, public health, and medical science, and to disseminate useful research results to develop and solve public health problems at local and national levels.


To conduct research and development in pharmaceutical technology, pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacognosy, and herbal medicines to promote self-reliance on the use of Thai pharmaceutical products.


To provide academic services and knowledge to people, communities, and public and private sectors.


To promote local and Thai arts and culture, and to conserve Thai medicinal knowledge.







The committees for setting up the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, UBU and the development of the pharmacy curriculum was appointed. Professor Bung-orn Sripanichkulchai was appointed as the head of the project for the establishment of the faculty.

In December, the UBU council approved the Bachelor of Pharmacy curriculum which was a 5-year study programme.


Ministry of University Affairs (currently Office of the Higher Education Commission) approved the curriculum and the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, UBU in May.

On 30 June, the Office of the Civil Service Commission approved the pharmacy curriculum and qualification of UBU pharmacy graduates.


The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, UBU was officially approved by Royal Decree on 3 June. The faculty opened its door to its first batch of 44 students in June. Professor Bung-orn Sripanichkulchia was the first dean.


Two postgraduate programs including MPharm in Clinical and Administrative Pharmacy, and MSc in Health Care Management opened.


Master programme in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Natural Products and doctoral programme in Pharmaceutical Sciences opened.


The 6-year Doctor of Pharmacy program with an emphasis on patient and pharmaceutical care opened to students in 2009.


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