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Doctor of Pharmacy Program


This program is a six-year curriculum leading to a Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm D). The degree requires 224 credits, plus 2,000 hours of professional practice institutions affiliated with the campus. Such a requirement is in accordance with the standard curriculum of the Pharmacy Council of Thailand. The students will then be certified for the national examination. This will therefore allow the degree holders to become licensed pharmacists. 


The Doctor of Pharmacy program focuses on developing the student’s knowledge, skills, and expertise in pharmacy, namely production, analysis, and quality control of drugs, pharmacy service, pharmaceutical care, and pharmacy administration. The program also focuses on working co-operatively with a team of other professionals, especially doctors and nurses, to care for safe and effective drug usage with patients.
Admission to the Doctor of Pharmacy Program


Each year, the faculty admits approximately 120 students to this program. Qualified Mattayom 6-equivalent students can be admitted to this program through the direct admission quota system available to high schools in North-Eastern Thailand and through the national admission system arranged by the Ministry of Education.


Applicants will be notified of the admission schedule and procedure during August-September online through the UBU website (http://www.entry.ubu.ac.th). Students are admitted to the faculty in first semester only.


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