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To become a leading academic institution in ASEAN, provide graduates with excellent knowledge and professional skills, and produce research at an international level.


From 2013 to1017, the Faculty will be recognized and accepted in ASEAN.

From 2018 to 2022, the Faculty will become a leading academic institution in pharmacy in the ASEAN region and have an increasing number of collaborative networks in pharmaceutical care, research, and/or innovation. More than 85% of graduates will pass the national license examination at the first examination and 100% within 1 year after graduation. At least 20 articles will be published in international journals (ISI, Scopus, SJR) each year.


1.    To produce graduates who are excellent in both knowledge and professional skills. To maintain quality at an international level. To compete in the ASEAN Community. To recognize that morality comes before knowledge. To accept life on the basis of sufficiency economy.
To generate creative and innovative research. To produce new knowledge. To be recognized internationally. To work for the benefit of society.
To promote academic services to meet the needs of the community and to build stronger communities. To develop and enhance the quality of life for self-reliance and sustainability.
Preservation and conservation of art, culture and local knowledge. To continue a good tradition within the context of globalization.
To establish and maintain pro-active management with principles of good governance. To generate high quality work toward operational excellence. To promote the quality of life and a happy environment for people in the organization.



Core Competencies

1.   Integrated pharmaceutical care curriculum with a professional network for the improvement of excellent performance, especially in cardiovascular system, oncology, psychiatry, and primary care.
Integrated research and development of health products from Southern Isan herbal and local wisdom.


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